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What support can you get from us?



Our Expert Staff assesses your needs and proposes a plan

Preparation and


Preparation and on-site visits including Internet speed checks

Live Stream

Live Stream the day of the event

We can also support followings

・Streaming Platform account and page setups
・Image superimposing for off-air and interval
・Recording for YouTube server and Media file
・PostProduction - Cut, Merge, Effects, burning DVDs
・Managing Social Media comments ..etc

What's Puble?  Puble = "Pub","Pub"lish,"Pub"licize,"Pub"lic,++

live streaming specialist

Streaming Specialists

You can count on our experienced team for broadcasting any programs over the Internet


Live streaming

You can create value by sharing content in realtime bypassing space and distance


Social Media

You can interact with viewers during broadcasting realtime on Twitter, Facebook, .etc

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Service/Product Launch


Symposium, Seminar

Press Conference



Services & Prices

2 Professional HD Cameras, Switching and Camera operation

2 VideoCamera Package  $2,000
     with TriCaster Mini

For Business - 2 Professional HD VideoCameras and Cameraman, Sound Crew.'s Business Package

・2 VideoCameras / 1 Cameraman
・TriCaster Mini
・1 Sound Mixer connecting with PA
・Monitor PC, Staff
    *Travel/Auto Expenses not included

1 Professional HD VideoCamera, professional camera operation

1 VideoCamera Package  $1,500
     with TriCaster Mini

Support All the Shooting and Streaming with professional equipment.'s Standard Package

・1 VideoCamera / 1 Cameraman
・1 Sound Mixer connecting with PA
・TriCaster Mini - Streaming, Staff
    *Travel/Auto Expenses not included

Internet Connection on the spot!! - If you have concern about Internet Upload Speed on the venue

TVU Pack
Utilizes Multiple 4G/LTE Connections

TVU Pack  $1,000 〜

Internet Upload speed is most critical factor for success of live streaming. If you have a slightest concern about Internet connection, this is a must equipment to consider.

・Six(6) 4G/LTE conncetion bonded
・Can add wired LAN / Wifi on the venue
  - Combination example
    AT&T + AT&T + Verizon + Verizon + T-Mobile + Sprint
      (Total 10Mbps is possible)

     *Data Transfer Fee depends on hours/bitrates

Economy Plans

      You can choose one of our Economy Plans with small-type videocamera and one-man operation for low-cost livestreaming


Morning Course

Weekday Morning Event

US$ 500 -

Time 10:30am - 12:00pm
■Preparation : 1.5 hours ■Rehearthal: 0.5hours
■Streaming:1.5 hours ■Dismantling: 0.5hours
*Travel/Auto Expenses not included


Afternoon Course

Afternoon Seminar

US$ 700 -

Time 2:00pm-5:00pm
■Setting:1.5 hours ■rehearsal: 1 hour
■Streaming:3 hours ■dismantling:0.5 hour
*Travel/Auto Expenses not included


1 Day course

Full-day Symposium

US$ 850 -

Time:10:00am - 5:00pm
■Setting:2 hour ■Rehearsal: 1 hour
■Streaming:6 hour ■Dismantling:1 hour
*Travel/Auto Expenses not included

*Prerequisite for Live Video Streaming

Dedicated Internet Connection - with Upload Speed over 2Mbps is recommended, higher is better
・Generally speaking, Eithernet Wiredline is recommended for professional video streaming if available.
・4G/LTE, Wifi router will be prepared upon request
・Wireless Bonding Technology equipment such as TVUPack, and LiveU are available upon request at $1,000 〜


・Telop(Text/Image on the screen) $150 for basic setting + $30/1set
・Switching multi-camera streaming: $300/1camera
 - We estimate it after hearing requests since it depends on camera position and staff requirement.
・DVD authoring or YouTube upload: $100/1hour
・Superimporsing PC Screen:$400

Hourly rates

・Time:7:00am - 10:00pm
・Basic Price Unit $175/1hour 9.00 - 6:00pm
   7:00am - 9:00am, 6:00pm - 10:00pm 20% additional charge. Sat., Sun., Holiday 9:00 - 6:00pm 30% additional charge
Sat., Sun., Holiday., 6:00pm - 10:00pm 40% additional charge. Contact for after 10:00pm midnight, early morning
Additional Equipments or Equipment upgrade depends on the event's size and contents(Camera, Microphone, Lighting, .etc)or staff
Please contact.